Dq11 act 2

Dq11 act 2

List of monsters and bosses that appear in Dragon Quest XI. Beta and Unused elements. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Stark raven. Fright bulb. Heliodorian guard. Heliodorian soldier. Metal slime. Black dragon. Bodkin archer. Great sabrecub. Great sabrecat. Stump chump. Dancing devil. Sham hatwitch. Leafy lampling. Bubble slime. Tricky devil. Gloomy grublin.

Khalamari kid. Little devil. Grim gryphon. Bongo drongo. Lump wizard. Drohl drone. Walking corpse. Robber rabbit. Ursa minor. Ursa panda. Mud mannequin. Jarvis's shadow. Haystack needler. Golden globe.While many critics considered the game to be the best in the series, as well as one of the best contemporary JRPGs overall, many others had criticism over its overly traditional and non-innovative design.

The game's protagonist also appears as a playable character in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. The game had shipped over 5. Dragon Quest XI continues the gameplay of previous games in the series, in which players explore worlds and fight against various monsters, including the ability to explore high areas. Before entering battle, players can also toggle between the 3D and 2D graphical styles at any time. The battle system also adds a free-form camera option inspired by the MMORPG Dragon Quest X that allows players to move around the enclosed battlefield, although it is purely visual and provides no other benefits to gameplay.

The game is set in the world of Erdrea, and begins as the kingdom of Dundrasil is invaded and destroyed by an army of monsters.

dq11 act 2

The protagonist, an infant during the attack, survives and is found floating down a river by an old man named Chalky in the village of Cobblestone. The protagonist is adopted by Chalky's daughter Amber and raised in the village. After the protagonist's coming-of-age ceremony, Amber reveals the truth to him about his birth and adoption, and sends him to meet King Carnelian of Heliodor.

However, the king accuses him of being an evil entity and throws him into the dungeons. Imprisoned, the protagonist meets a thief called Erik who reveals that he was sent to meet him, as the mark on his hand is proof that he is the Luminary, a legendary hero chosen by the world tree Yggdrasil to save Erdrea from evil.

The pair escape and evade capture, later joined by two mages: Veronica, who is trapped in a child's body due to a curse, and her twin sister Serena. On their quest to help the Luminary reach the sacred tree Yggdrasill, they gain three other companions: Sylvando, a traveling entertainer, Rab, former king of Dundrasil and the protagonist's grandfather, and Jade, exiled princess of Heliodor who helped the infant protagonist escape during the attack of Dundrasil.

The party eventually arrives at the heart of Yggdrasil, which contains the Sword of Light, the Luminary's destined weapon. However, just as the Luminary is about to take it, he and the party are intercepted by Jasper and his retainers Carnelian and Hendrick. It is revealed that Carnelian was possessed by an evil sorceror known as Mordegon and that Jasper is Mordegon's agent.

The two subdue Hendrik and the Luminary's party, with Mordegon taking the Sword of Light and absorbing the heart of Yggdrasil, destroying the tree and plunging the world into an age of darkness. Separated from the others, the Luminary returns to Cobblestone, turned into a fortified refuge for Heliodor citizens led by Carnelian and Hendrik, who apologize to the Luminary for all the troubles they caused him. Hendrik joins forces with the Luminary, and together, they reclaim Heliodor from Mordegon's forces.

After reuniting with the rest of the party, except for Veronica, who perished saving the others during the fall of Yggdrasil, the Luminary obtains the means to forge a new Sword of Light, which they use to defeat Jasper and Mordegon, which restores Yggdrasil and the world. Afterwards, the party discovers the means to bring Veronica back within the Tower of Lost Time.

There they meet the Timekeeper, who gives the Luminary the power to go back in time and defeats Mordegon before he can steal the Sword of Light and Yggdrasil's heart, thus saving Veronica from sacrificing herself. However, due to Mordegon's absence, a dark spirit is able to summon forth a mysterious orb called Erdwin's Lantern and merge with it, thus awakening the game's true antagonist, The Dark One, Calasmos, who was previously destroyed in the timeline of Mordegon's rule.

The party learns that a prior Luminary named Erdwin was betrayed and killed by his mage companion Morcant, who absorbed Calasmos's powers and transformed into Mordegon.

Since he could not be destroyed forever without the power of the Luminary, Serenica, Erdwin's former sage companion and lover, then sealed the weakened Calasmos within Erdwin's Lantern and attempted to return to the past at the Tower of Lost Time, but was turned into the Timekeeper instead.

The party then confronts and destroys Calasmos, before the Luminary entrusts his mark to Serenica, who reverts to her original form and uses it to return to the past and reunite with Erdwin.

Accompanied by Veronica and Serena, he also returns the Sword of Light to Yggdrasil, who reveals itself to be Yggdragon, an ancient dragon of light who was defeated by Calasmos ages ago, whose body transformed into the tree Yggdrasil and gave life to Erdrea. Yggdragon bestows upon the Luminary the title of " Erdrick ", the mightiest of all heroes, and keeps the Sword for the day when a new hero will need it to defend Erdrea from evil. In the mid-credits, Serenica reunites with Erdwin in the past, while after the credits, a young mother, after reading the Luminary's story in a book, wakes up her child from bed, setting up the beginning of Dragon Quest III.

In AprilSquare Enix held a special presentation for the game, where the release date for the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions of the game in Japan was revealed to be July 29, It includes voiced English dialogue, a first-person camera option, support for 4K resolutionand an additional "Draconian Quest" hard mode difficulty feature, among other minor changes.

dq11 act 2

The international PlayStation 4 release also saw a special collector's edition, titled Edition of Lost Timewhich includes the base game, a set of bonus in-game itemsa page hardback art book featuring original character design concepts from Akira Toriyama[23] a two-disc soundtrack featuring orchestrated versions of the game's music by Koichi Sugiyamaa cloth map of the game's world, and a steelbook case. Dragon Quest XI received "generally favorable reviews" according to review aggregator Metacriticwith critics praising it for its visuals, traditional turn-based combat, plot, and characters.

Despite the common praise, some critics regarded the overly conservative nature of the game as being a detriment. Polygon stating that the upgraded visuals and presentation were "grafted onto a frail and aging skeleton" and that it was unlikely to bring in any new fans to the series due to its non-evolving nature. The game sold two million copies on its first two days of sale in Japan; the Nintendo 3DS version sold 1. The Luminary also appeared as a playable character, via downloadable contentin the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Spoiler warning: This article is all about Dragon Quest 11's third act and its ending, so it will contain some story spoilers.

Sixty hours into Dragon Quest 11 the credits rolled, but I wasn't satisfied after defeating the evil wizard and restoring peace to the world.

I was pissed off. It just felt all wrong. It was anticlimactic. After a quest this long my characters were simply going to fly away, cue credits? Both of those those made for a disappointing finale after so many hours.

But they weren't the real problem: The real problem was that so many things felt unresolved, it was hard to believe this was the ending to a languidly-paced RPG that could've tied everything up with a bow.

Dragon Quest 11 Walkthrough - Octagonia Act 2 - Part 65

The third act is all about committing wholeheartedly to the pursuit of a happy ending, even if that means going back in time to set things right. Why had a cutscene a few hours earlier focused in on a mysterious character, practically screaming this is important?

What was the deal with the giant fireball in the sky that the villain destroyed, which my heroes had been trying to do themselves? Why had I been accruing so many items and crafting resources in the final dungeon if I'd never get a chance to use them? I should've realized that wasn't the real ending, that a game made with such care wouldn't leave a single plot thread dangling. But I had no idea what I was in for: While some RPGs let you keep playing after the story is finished, Dragon Quest 11 unfurls a remarkable third act—dozens more hours of story, its true villain, and a grand finale—after the credits roll for the first time.

I had so much further left to go. Dragon Quest 11's first ending feels remarkably similar to the story of Final Fantasy 6. Midway through the game, the bad guy wins. The world is plunged into darkness. Your failed heroes eventually rise and reunite, but it takes many sacrifices to bring you to a second showdown with the conquering, cackling villain.

But where Final Fantasy 6 was okay with the darker tones of leaving its world half destroyed, Dragon Quest 11 is, at its heart, not that kind of game.Right after you have seen the turn of events unfold right before your eyes in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, a new set of quests become available all throughout Edrea. From the twenty-seven quests that are previously available, there are a total of forty-seven quests now, adding about twenty more.

Fortunately, if you have missed any of the quests before the big event happened, you can still do them, depending at where you are in the game. Without further ado, here is the second part of the quests list that you can do after the big event:. Once you are a fish, swim over to the house to the eastern side of town to speak to the turtle.

It will ask you to get a cannon for him big enough to fit a mermaid. Go to Lonalulu and speak to the old lady in the north eastern part of town where you see a lot of cannons. Once you talk to her, she will give you a cannon. Head back to the turtle to give the cannon to receive your reward — Secrets of the Sunken Spirit.

You need to be in the fish state to swim beneath the town. You can find the mermaid, who is a lawyer, just above the wrecked ship. She will ask you to get a statute from an island west of Edrea.

Now sail over to the small island west of Edea and find the Inn. Inside the Inn, you will find a Sailor and beside it is a treasure chest. Open it to get the statutes.

Give the statues back to the mermaid to earn your reward — Sovereign Seal.

Dragon Quest 11 how to grind – level up fast and farm metal slimes

Go outside of Angri-La and you will find about three Boreal Serpent flying around. Return to the Monk once you performed what he wants to receive your reward — Mystic. Once you do what he wants- return to him to receive your reward- Metal Slime Shield. She will tell you about the memories left by Maxie Von Bloem and ask you to look for it. Once you check the grave, return to Rose at nighttime and she will finally rest in peace.

You will receive the reward — Chronocrystal. Give her the diploma and she will tell you the fate of Liliane. Return to MmeAgustine and tell her about Liliane and you will receive your reward — Gear that Glitters recipe. Talk to her and she will challenge you to improve your image by raising your charm over Talk to it and it will ask you to find perfume for her from her home.

Travel to the Cryptic Crypt near Hotto to get the perfume she asks for. Inside the Crypt, head over to the area where you fought the boss before. You will find the person you are looking for on the northeastern side of the area.

Get the perfume from him and return to the zombie master to receive your reward — Hades Helm.The best way to level up fast in Dragon Quest 11 is to farm metal slimes.

There are a bunch of different types and they show up randomly in battle, but there are places you can go to increase your chances of finding them. Metal slimes of all types can be found anywhere, but head to these places to increase your chances.

Not only do metal slimes turn up and random, the little buggers have a tendency to run away. For starters, you should change your lineup at the start of a battle to include Erik, Hendrick, and Jade. Erik and Jade are fast and both generally get their turns faster than most enemies. You see, not only do they like to run from fights, they have high defence.

Often, your attacks will do 1-damage or miss completely. Jade also has a couple of abilities that are good for metal slimes. Multi Thrust is another good skill for farming slimes in Act 1, as this can take out low-level slimes easily. Both skills are behind the Spears section of her character builder. Another handy skill for low-level Metal Slimes is Metal Slash.

Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrik can learn this in the Swords section of their character builders. For early on, any skill that allows you to hit the enemy multiple times also works, as well as dual wielding or using claws. It guarantees you at least a free move against even metal monsters. Getting Jade to maximum Charm can also increase your odds of a swift victory. There is also a way to make metal slimes appear and, if done correctly, can level your characters up two or three times in a single fight, even towards the end of the game.

Unfortunately, you need the Hero, Jade, and Sylvando all pepped up at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to play with all three. Whenever one gets pepped up, put them on standby and they will remain pepped. Now you just need to use the tricks in the previous section to kill them all before they escape.

Dragon Quest Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.Veronica is a character in Dragon Quest XI. She is a brash, prodigal mage who wields offensive spells and comes from the land of Arboria.

Both she and her twin sister, Serenaare Keepers and have sworn themselves to protect and aid the Luminary on his journey. Veronica appears to be a very young girl with indigo-colored eyes and long blonde hair with a fringe worn in two braids, tied in orange hairbands at the ends. She wears a long red wizard's hat, a red dress with a large red bow in the front over a white smock with puffed sleeves, blue bracelets, and purple leather shoes with orange socks.

She also carries a very tall wand topped with a red orb that is much taller than her. She is a strong-willed magical prodigy, but hates being treated like a child. This is due to the fact that Veronica is actually older than she appears, but after an encounter in Hotto with monsters serving the Lord of Shadowsher appearance was transformed into that of a young girl and she temporarily lost her magical powers.

With the aid of the Luminary and Erikshe was able to rescue her sister Serena and defeat the monster who stole her powers, Jarvis, but she did not return to her true age. Veronica and her twin sister, Serena, both inherited the soul of the sage Serenicawho accompanied Erdwinthe original Luminary on his journey against the Dark One.

The two hail from the land of Arboria and are Keepers, a group of people dedicated to protecting the Luminary and helping him fight against the evils of Erdrea. The two girls have known since birth that they would aid the Luminary on his journey.

Parenthesis accounts for pep-up power-up bonus. Veronica is a Magebeing capable of casting an array of powerful offensive spells in battle, including the FrizzSizzBangand the majority of the Crack series of spells, as well as access to some useful utility spells such as Sap and Decelerate. However, she has some of the lowest max HP and Resilience in battle, so care must be taken that she does not fall victim to the enemy's attacks in battle. Her weapons of choice are heavy wands and whips and her equipment is limited to robes and other pieces of clothing and hats for spellcasters.

Veronica is the Latin alteration of the name Berenice, a name which means "bringing victory". The spelling of Veronica is influenced by the Latin phrase vera iconwhich means true image, possibly referring to Veronica's transformation and her true fate. Veronica is the name of a saint who lived in Jerusalem in the 1st century AD who famously wiped Jesus's face with a cloth and then found his image imprinted on it.

It became a popular girls' name in medieval times due to this legend. It was not common in modern times until the 19th century, when the name was brought from France and Scotland. The word vim is an antiquated adjective that describes someone as being very lively and full of high energy. From Dragon Quest Wiki.

dq11 act 2

A gifted young girl who wields powerful offensive spells. Fearless and a bit of a tomboy, she will stand up to anyone, be they an adult or even a fearsome monster.

Towns and Castles. Key Terms. Fun-Size Forge Pep Time travel. Homages Tockles. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate v e d. Hero Super Smash Bros. Alternate Costume Characters.Zoom to Puerto Valor and sail west through the narrow channel out to the open ocean. Sylvando is then alerted to a noise in the cargo hold where Hero finds Erik raiding the food stores.

The group is happy to see him at least until a big problem comes to light. It would seem Erik has no memory of anything apart from his name. This means losing access to the character builder and all the abilities he has previously learned.

dq11 act 2

Erik still tags along and remains effective against regular monsters so long as you deck him out in good gear. Although he may have to sit out on a few boss encounters until his memories return. The next stop is Sniflheim to the northwest but first, head for Lonalulu to pick up a few requests from civilians. Once again, this island is on the west side of the ocean near the Sniflheim area.

If you've been here before, then you should remember some of the treasure chests you couldn't reach no matter what you do. Well, it should be possible to get them now with all the Dragon Riders flying around.

Go defeat sparkly one so you can mount it. The island to the south doesn't have anything particularly special, save for a sparkly tree you for you harvest materials from. The tiny island to the east has a treasure chest housing an Agate of Evoultion. Finally, the island to the north has two chests: one with a Mini Medal and another with some Molten Globules.

Find somewhere to save then set a course to Sniflheim. Try to approach the massive boulder of gold to find that your path from this end is blocked off good. So sail to the pillar of light to the northwest instead. You'll be stopped by one of Mordegon's sentinels, Alizarin. The first thing you'll learn about this monster is that it's weak to lightning as the cutscene has shown.

Use Hero's Zap ability if you have it to take advantage of this vulnerability. Alizarin is also a dragon which makes Dragon Slash very effective. Follow through Oomphle on your strongest fighters and start spamming Dragon Slash. As for Alizarin, it mostly does two things. Attack a character with fireballs which deal significant damage without proper protection.

Accessories like Asbestos Earrings or spells like Magic Barrier should do well enough. Your opponent can also rock the boat with his arms to damage the entire party and can knock characters off their feet.

Keep your health up at all times with Rab's Moreheal and Multiheal. Or Sylvando's Hustle Dance. Continue to Sniflheim. Once you've docked, it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong. The town is deserted with everyone hiding in their homes. Visit the castle and talk to the queen to find out what's going on. After being told about the Gold Fever, return to town for a scene then go see the priest at the church by the entrance.

Dragon Quest 11 how to grind – level up fast and farm metal slimes

It's the building with a pink NPC in front of it. The conversation upsets Erik enough to want to be alone and the priest sends you after him. Check the map and there should be an NPC at the cliff to the west of the city.

That's Erik so go talk to him.

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