Galaxy buds 2 reddit

Galaxy buds 2 reddit

Question Galaxy Buds 2? I've been contemplating between the Galaxy buds or airpods 2 for Christmas this year little early, I know but having a new gen of Galaxy buds would be a game changer.

Are they likely to be released before Christmas ? The Galaxy Buds literally only launched not even like weeks ago. So no one can reasomably expect any news regarding the next model. Samsung typically only does yearly releases for mew models of any type of mainline device based on their past release schedule. Whether it be the Galaxy S line, the Note series. But for their earbuds if you look at when the Icon X ones came out, it was in October of The new Galaxy Buds didn't get released until March So bare minimum we won't hear anything about a new version of buds until next year when we inevitably get the Samsung Galaxy S11 line of phones.

And that's just bare minimum, we might not even hear about any news until after that.

Google Pixel Buds 2 review: real-time translation is the killer app

We just don't know, we can only guess. If you're on iOS then get AirPods. Because if you're constantly wanting for the next version of something then you'll never end up getting anything at all if you wait too much. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new post link. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. No Offensive, Harassing or Inflammatory Language.

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Help self. Audio of left bud fluctuating up and down when moved Issue self. Are the Buds Plus Good for Sleep? Buds work Sort of Issue self. Anyone have the new Chromecast with Google TV? Right bud sound quality issue Issue self. Ambient sound not working. My new radio. Meme i.

I wish I knew that before I bought full price on best buy. Deals i. Is my one plus 8 charger ok for my galaxy buds plus?? Rust wrapper for Galaxy Buds Live Customization self. Great design, but they sound like pure trash in public. I just joined the gang!! Why is my right earbud dead and not chargibg at all? Help i.

galaxy buds 2 reddit

Which ear and wingtip combinations do you guys use? Problems with Macbook connection Issue self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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galaxy buds 2 reddit

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.Here's my review comparing them side by side. Spoiler: They are absolutely amazing for what they can do. When I first bought AirPods, my main idea honestly was to just flex. I didn't expect them to be so good. I used Galaxy Note 8 and I was clearly not optimistic about sound quality. I was aware quality would take a hit on an Android device when compared to iOS.

Well, I was amazed when I started listening music through AirPods. Sound quality was really good for a Bluetooth, truly wireless earbud. Let's compare Galaxy Buds with AirPods now. Design is really subjective here.

Airpods have become a 'fashion statement'. You see them almost everywhere in almost every ear at malls, subways, airports etc. Airpods now look iconic. However, they were made fun of in the beginning. Galaxy Buds on the other hand have a completely different aesthetic. They look more sporty and aren't as widely acceptable as AirPods.

They snug right into your ear isolating all the surrounding sound. Airpods are really great when it comes to sound quality. They are loud and clear. They also produce enough base when settings are tweaked. However, high volumes aren't so pleasant. They sounded somewhat better than my wired headphones. Galaxy Buds are far more superior when it comes to sound quality.

They have rubberised tip which goes deep into your ears giving you that rich sound quality. Also, they isolate your surroundings better. Music is loud and clear, punchier and richer than Airpods. Don't get me wrong, you'll not have complains about quality with any of these earbuds but if you want a slightly better quality, go for Galaxy Buds. This is one category where I think earbud's real potential is measured. Handsfree wireless calling was always a dream and AirPods exactly fulfils that dream.Help reddit.

I really wasn't sure. How can you tell it is real? Have you seen this kind of box before? This is what I will typically see on the back of the boxes in Canada. This is what I will typically see on the back of the boxes on YouTube and on eBay which I am thinking is the American version. All the boxes around the world are the same. As for those fakes, they usually have a very flat image and fonts on the box. The tapes that secure the box are also not that big of a piece and have air bubbles and very cheap looking tape.

I have a pair of buds plus and the rear box looks almost the same besides the name and model. Thanks again, but what do you mean all the boxes are the same? Aren't the back of the boxes different like in my pictures? And you mean your buds plus have the same back of the box as my buds live? Thanks so much for answering all of my questions man. I appreciate it a lot. Felt like I took you through a whirlwind of questions. I use to work at Amazon and i recognize that barcode label.

I didnt even know there are fake versions of buds live out, have you seen any? I don't think there are fake versions of the buds live out. I haven't seen any and I couldn't find any YouTube videos of anyone talking about fake buds live. What made me suspicious was the description on the back of my box which is different than the one I will typically see in Canada and that people will sell on eBay from the States.

I rarely see the back of box description that is on my box and it kind of reminded me of the YouTube videos of the fake buds plus. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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How can you tell for certain? Previous Next Back to Grid View. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. But most boxes are standardized.

Just doing my part as a reddit user and this subreddit member.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Samsung has made impressive progress with its latest true wireless earbuds. But sound quality was merely okay, and their built-in mics were awful when it came to voice calls. ForSamsung is back with the Galaxy Buds Plus. They look mostly identical to the originals, but they contain several key improvements. Not much has changed on the outside. The case is glossier than before with raised indicators for the left and right earbud cradles, and Samsung has added a second outer microphone to the earbuds.

The Galaxy Buds Plus come in black, white, and blue, and as with the previous model, the white buds give off a nice pearlescent effect. Like other companies, Samsung packs in three sizes of ear tips and also gives you a choice of silicone ear hooks to help the Galaxy Buds Plus latch securely into your ear.

Comfort was never a problem for the old Galaxy Buds, and these retain the same excellent fit — provided the included tips work for you.

I mention that because the main thing you sacrifice compared to pricier options is active noise cancellation. Still, I found myself able to wear the Galaxy Buds Plus for hours at the coffee shop or office without getting distracted or annoyed by outside noise.

The long-press action is customizable, letting you choose between voice assistants Bixby, Google Assistant, Siriambient sound mode, or volume controls. It could be a playlist like a Daily Mix or Release Radar, or just a song that the Spotify algorithm serves up for you. If you go into the labs section, you can enable an alternate way of controlling volume that lets you double tap the outside of the earbuds — not the touchpad but the top of the buds themselves — to increase or lower the volume.

This seems to use the accelerometer built into the earbuds, and it worked surprisingly well in my tests. It also frees up the touch and hold gesture for one of the other features outlined above. Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. As with other Bluetooth earbuds, you can use the Galaxy Buds Plus without agreeing to anything in software. Samsung has done a better job with ambient mode this time around, and the effect feels less robotic and unpleasantly digital than before.

And that brings us to sound quality. Samsung has redesigned the Galaxy Buds Plus with a dual-driver design with a dedicated tweeter and woofer in each earbudand this upgrade makes a considerable difference compared to the previous model.

Instruments and vocals have distinct separation, and Samsung seems to be going for a neutral listening experience.And can you blame me? The true wireless earbuds were announced way back in October with the Pixel 4. The phone shipped last year, but the Pixel Buds are just now arriving six months later. Better late than never I suppose.

galaxy buds 2 reddit

Google got a whole bunch of things right, especially the fit and size of the case. But using the Pixel Buds left me with more questions than answers. Had Google released the Pixel Buds last October, these would have been a hell of a value. But a lot has changed in six months. Both have upped the ante in terms of what I expect from wireless earbuds.


The Pixel Buds feel behind the curve. I appreciate that the Pixel Buds case is not much larger than an AirPods case; Apple set the standard and anything larger is an abomination. It makes it easier to pop the case open with my thumb. The case also supports wireless charging, too. The buds snap magnetically into position with just the right amount of force when you place them inside the case and the hinge flips open and snaps shut with pleasant clicks.

Mega comfy — This is personal preference, but Pixel Buds are my new most comfortable wireless earbuds. Not even the most intense head-shaking could knock them out my ears. Good sound, but no noise-cancellation — I did a lot of earbuds switching to compare the Pixel Buds sound quality. Bass on Pixel Buds is more muted and lacks thump. Regular AirPods sounded the worst. The lack of noise-cancellation is a bummer, but not a complete deal-breaker.

I tried moving from my quiet living room to my bedroom, which had an Echo Dot playing soft jazz at 50 percent volume to see if the volume automatically increased. Great battery life — A single charge is good for 5 hours of listening time. While not as long-lasting as Galaxy Buds, with the case, the Pixel Buds get 24 hours of total battery. Galaxy Buds last longer on a single charge, but the case only holds one additional charge for a total of 22 hours of battery life — two fewer hours than the others.

Five hours of battery life is still really good for such tiny buds. Unlike Siri and the Assistant on other earbuds, which take a second for them to listen to voice commands, the Assistant on Pixel Buds is virtually instant-on. Just super responsive. The improvements to the Assistant make all of the features in the first-gen Pixel Buds snappier.

Notifications and messages sound less robotic when the Assistant reads them and real-time translations are faster. This speed for translations is killer. I asked the Assistant to translate simple sentences like "Where is the train station?

There was virtually no delay. With the Google Translate app's real-time transcription, I could see the Pixel Buds being really useful for communicating with foreigners the same way Google Lens is indispensable for translating signage and menus. Inwhen I was testing the translation feature with the original Pixel Buds, I pit the real-time translation feature against UN conference interpreters to test for speed and accuracy. The earbuds did a good job, but I concluded they were no replacement for human translators.

I can't vouch for translation accuracy, but I can at least say Google has improved the speed of translations significantly.Has anybody tried swapping the bud's tips yet? Was hoping I'd get the same effect on the buds.

I'm late to the thread but I just got mine today and, boy, do the stock tips suck. The sounds was anemic with no isolation to speak of. Luckily I had some Comply tips laying around and it transforms the buds completely. I have bass now, and great isolation. I wouldn't have been able to use the buds without them. They don't fit in the case without removing the tips but it is well worth it for the improvement in sound quality and isolation.

galaxy buds 2 reddit

I am using the Comply Ts. Still haven't gotten mine but tried a friend's, and I agree. I tried my Comply tips on really not sure what mine is but they're the rounded ones lol and it makes a ton of difference.

Tell me how well they fit the galaxy buds, case wise and ear wise. Im planning to pull the trigger too, thanks! Ah yeah, just said in another reply that its okay.

Fits the buds and the case. Not sure what the other commenter was saying about it not fitting. Only issue is its not as snug as my round Comply tips I have a big ear canal looks like lol so it doesn't isolate and make the sound meatier than the other comply tips do for other earphones. Yes, I use them every day. I do have to take them off to get the buds in the case but it's a small price for a comfortable fit and good seal.

I wouldn't use T size. Their bore diameter is the same as buds' exit diameter so it will just fit them but as there's no lip to the bud exit, the tip will easily slide off and stay in your ear. Been there, trust me. Ideally one should put T - they're gonna be tricky to put on but won't stay in your ear. There is enough of a lip to securely hold the tips on. They have come off once or twice while removing the buds, but it's still worth it to me for the sound isolation. Sure, it might work for you.

But for some people out there, me included, T don't work as the tips stay in the ear almost every single time I wear them.

Who Makes The BEST Earbuds - AirPods Pro vs Pixel Buds vs Surface Buds vs Galaxy Buds vs Razer TW!

I tried mine I think its the circular Comfort variants on a friend's buds and the case did close, though I had to sort of pinch the foam tips before putting it into the case.

Comply is working on a set for the Buds, but in a pinch, the iconX ones work fine, case closes and all. What's the main issue you think? This close to buying a set for now versus waiting for the official version for the buds itself. Also worth noting that I'm using a pair on my AKG earphones that supposedly isn't made for it.

And really really happy with how it fits etc. I think the shaft on the buds may be longer than the iconx based on the drawings on their website.

May not snap on quite as strongly. By the time they get to testing and manufacturing a newer model you could already be using these for a month or 2. I have just tried the Comply Iconx foam tips and they do not fit the Galaxy Buds at all. Will not even fit over the nodule. Not even close.

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