How do i get my diploma from penn foster

How do i get my diploma from penn foster

Whether you are extending your studies, wanting to finish high school online or earning your first certification or degree, Penn Foster has a bevy of classes and degrees to help a wide variety of students. It is more than an online school.

Penn Foster has a wide-reaching support group of current and recent graduates as well as professionals who assist students in obtaining their high school degree. There are many colleges that accept a Penn Foster high school diploma if you do not have a traditional high school degree.

How It Works

Sincethe national and regional accredited high school has assisted students in obtaining a degree. Students sign up for Penn Foster to earn a high school degree in order to advance their chances of better employment or entrance into college. Many national colleges have accepted Penn Foster graduates who have shown they have the discipline, determination and stamina to reach for higher goals.

You can find Penn Foster reviews online. There is more to attending Penn Foster than the ability to obtain a degree on your time and your terms. It offers more support than you may get studying alone online for a GED or other high school equivalency degree.

You can transfer any credits you may have already earned from your current or previous high school. This can also cut down significantly on the cost of attending Penn Foster.

A representative of the online school can walk you through the process. The school prides itself on its wide-reaching online community. The students and staff that populate the online study groups, chat rooms and support forums are a diligent and informative assembly of individuals. Penn Foster has financial aid available as well for those who may need the extra assistance to make their dreams of a degree come true.

All colleges have specific entrance requirements, so make sure you have checked all of these before turning in your application. Many colleges accept the Penn Foster diploma. They also look at what the student has completed outside of school. Extra-curricular activities as well as any charity work that the student has completed can boost the application.I am currently enrolled in Penn Foster and also my local high school which is in the state of Louisiana.

I am currently in the 9th grade at my local high school and I have 2 more weeks of Penn Foster to go before I am finished.

What do I do when I finish PF? Do i just leave public school or something? Do I have to take standardized tests? Please help!

You just asked this same question a few minutes ago By "finished" with Penn Foster, do you mean you will be done with their diploma program? If so, there is no need for you to have been going to your local school as well.

Your local school must not have been notified because you can't usually be enrolled in two schools like that. Penn Foster offers a high school diploma. You will have taken their examinations, and passed all their requirements. But, unless you started their high school in middle school, I don't know if you could be graduating. Their website says that you can graduate in as little as 3 years.

Or faster with prior schooling, which as a 9th grader you wouldn't have. If you mean that you are finishing 9th grade, then you need to call them and your local school, and arrange to leave one of them.

It sounds like you have been working double what you need to do! Fact is though, if you are getting a diploma from Penn Foster, you are a high school graduate.

You do not need to go to school in your district, and you do not need a test to get out of school. Graduating is the ticket out of school. I don't understand why you are not discussing this with your parents, who should be aware of your educational situation. Trending News. CDC adds new signs to list of virus symptoms.

FDA warns of dozens more hand sanitizers to avoid. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Inside Lisa Marie Presley's close bond with late son, Join over 60, students like you, who choose Penn Foster High School Online to earn an accredited high school diploma, on their terms.

Earning your diploma at home at Penn Foster High School Online is convenient, affordable, and accredited. Our instructors, student support, coaching and technology can help you boost your confidence and meet your goals of graduating with an accredited high school diploma online!

Learn more. The Penn Foster High School online experience is designed to help you succeed in your personal, academic, and professional life:.

Whether you are looking to go to college, or right into the workforce, Penn Foster High School Online can teach you the knowledge and skills to help you on your journey.

how do i get my diploma from penn foster

Our online high school curriculum is a total of Penn Foster High School students get to choose 5 elective credits, ranging from academic electives, like American literature and algebra to career electives, like auto repair and vet assistant. Each course is broken down into small mobile-friendly lessons to help you on your journey toward earning your high school diploma online.

And with a variety of academic and career electives to choose from, you can customize your program to take the courses that interest you most! Access your teachers and coaches through text, phone and email or chat with fellow classmates online. At Penn Foster High School Online, you can begin exploring a pathway towards a career that interests you while you earn your high school diploma online. Plus, in most cases, your career-focused courses can transfer into one of our Career School or College programs so you can continue working toward your dream career!

Check out the career pathways we offer below:. Penn Foster High School Online. The Penn Foster High School online experience is designed to help you succeed in your personal, academic, and professional life: Learn. Discover through fun and exploration using a variety of interactive learning methods.

Show off your knowledge and skills as you learn.

Penn Foster High School Online

Reach your goals and own your path to success. Transfer credits will be awarded for comparable High School subjects where a full credit has been earned. Since High School programs vary, only an evaluation by Penn Foster will determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded. Penn Foster also accepts transfer credits from a GED. The maximum number of transfer credits allowed is Upon our acceptance of your transfer credits, an adjustment to your financial obligation will be made.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Earnings and unemployment rates by educational attainment in Penn Foster High School is both Regionally and Nationally accredited which is the highest level of accreditation achievable. There are over 35, current students in this program. Just to be clear, it will always be up to the receiving institution to determine recognition and acceptance of outside education whether it is a college or employer.

Because of the Regional Accreditation, recognition of this program and diploma is very high. However, it is always suggested you check with the receiving institution to be sure. Best wishes for you and your studies. Yes it will. People like Operation GED have good points but they make it personal. Not typical of a "Pre-Med" student.

What do I do when I graduate from Penn Foster because I am still in public school?

If the military now accepts distance learning and home school completion as a Tier 1 acceptance level, I doubt you will have much concern with recognition of a diploma with regional accreditation. I'm not usually one to nitpick but it's "accepted" not "excepted". That being said, as long as Penn Foster is accredited which I do believe it is but you should check to make sure than it will be accepted by any college as a high school diploma just like a traditional high school. Believe it or not they are accredited by the Middle States Association and it's considered a high school diploma but I am telling you to get your GED if you plan on applying to a college or university.

Colleges and Universities are starting to deny students acceptance due to the fact that they are distance education programs so it makes it hard for them to weed out the good ones from the bad so they generally pursue you to take the GED.

I am now a Pre-Med student and GED advocate helping people earn their GED instead of taking an online or at home course that doesn't have a guaranteed college admission policy. Only accredited degrees are allowed. Who cares? GED is super easy. Edit - what the below poster said is true. Works the same in all branches but the Air Force. So because one office dont have a GED slot that month means nothing.

Either try the next month or go to another nearby recruiting office.Remember to complete all lesson readings and self-checks. Related: I am a student of penn foster accused of cheating. Please refer to our academic integrity policy. And I'm glad I did, because I don't want to lose this opportunity to graduate. Especially with how much it costs. And I am definitely NOT cheating. A lot of these questions are super easy, stuff I learned way back in elementary or middle school.

PLUS, I thought this was a work at your own pace? The percentage of my completed work doesn't show anymore. I was in the hospital for a week. I was admitted a few days after Christmas and got discharged on the 2nd of January, so I could have gotten a lot done within that period of time.

I tried catching up, just spent more time than I usually would. I'm 21 years old, made a bad decision dropping out when I was young, and all I'm trying to do is graduate so that I can get a REAL job; be where I am suppose to be. If I give it a day or two, will it start to let me take the tests again? I really need my diploma as soon as possible.

Reason of review: I thought this was a work at your own pace program, but it is telling me I'm going through the exams too quickly. Preferred solution: I want the option to be able to re-take tests I have failed or just want a higher grade on, and to not be told I'm working through my tests too quickly.

Because a lot of these questions are too simple to even be at a high school level. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer I have my GED already through the army ged plus program. And I came to this school with 14 credits. I'm also blowing through this basic knowledge b.

I have 2 tests left to take this week. But I'm 16 tests away from graduating which should take me a week.

how do i get my diploma from penn foster

But no. I just want to finish and be done with this school. They do that because most people that are blasting through the exams like that ARE cheating. There are cheat sites that come up in suggested searches on Google, on YouTube, they are everywhere so people definitely ARE cheating. I have only finished 3 courses, had just passed the first exam on the 4th course and began studying the first lesson. When I logged back in to work on where to left off it would not allow me.You can also request to receive program information by mail which will include an enrollment form.

You will use your Student ID to access your initial study materials online. If you enroll by mail, your will be emailed to you as soon as your enrollment is processed.

Penn Foster High School Online

Additional learning materials will be shipped directly to you. However, should you have a question about anything in your program, just call our toll free instructional support hotline. On weekends or holidays, leave a message and your call will be answered the next business day.

If you prefer, you can contact your instructors by email or via regular mail. As soon as you pass your exam, you can continue on to the next lesson. New course material will follow as you complete your exams, so that you will always have what you need to continue moving forward in your program.

Depending upon the program you choose, you can complete your training in just a few months or take up to two years to complete a program, depending on the program. Student enrolled in our High School diploma program may take up to three years to complete their program.

How It Works.Complete the form below to request specific information regarding questions you have including course cost and course length.

Whether you would like to prepare for college, or simply want the satisfaction of completing high school, you should consider the Penn Foster Career School High School Diploma Program. The program includes basic topics in English, reading, writing, math, and science. Coursework offered includes literature, world history, consumer math, biology, physical science, and many more.

All required learning materials and textbooks are provided by Penn Foster and are yours to keep. If you wish to enroll in the Penn Foster High School Diploma Program and are of compulsory age, you must adhere to the home school requirements indicated by your school district or you will be considered truant.

You must complete You may transfer up to 16 credits, so course requirements may vary. However, 5. The Penn Foster High School Diploma Program can help you prepare for many entry-level employment opportunities that you otherwise may not qualify for. Students who earn a high school diploma could pursue a wide range of positions, just a few of which include:.

A high school diploma is the basic requirement for college. As a graduate of the Penn Foster High School Diploma Program, you could pursue an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in your area of professional interest. There are numerous areas of study which you may wish to pursue a degree in, such as:. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. All Articles All Videos Scholarships.

High School Diploma Request School Information Complete the form below to request specific information regarding questions you have including course cost and course length. Where do you prefer to study? Source: BLS. When do you plan on starting? What is your highest level of education? What program are you interested in? What is your age? What is your gender? Zip Code:. Your Name First Name:. Source: Noel-Levitz trend study.

Contact Information Address:. According to many students, one of the most helpful steps in the college decision process is speaking with a college representative.

Don't worry, we value your privacy. Your phone number is not shared with other schools.

how do i get my diploma from penn foster

What are the Prerequisites? What are the Course Requirements? For consumer information click here.

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