Skf belt tension meter

Skf belt tension meter

In Stock Will Ship Today! Best Price on the web Guarantee! Gates C Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt.

Other additional accessories include the flat flexible sensor and the inductive sensor. Get consistent, accurate belt tension readings every time! Gates Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt.

Strum the belt like a guitar string and the meter takes care of the rest. Belts, like strings, vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length. Gates Sonic Tension Meter simply converts this frequency into a measurement of tension.

Next, hold meter sensor to belt span, then lightly strum belt to make it vibrate. Readings are displayed on LCD screen. Use the standard cord sensor to reach inside cramped compartments where conventional measurements would be impossible. An optional flexible sensor can be bent and re-positioned for convenient, one-hand operation.

Use the optional inductive sensor to measure belt tensions in high-noise or windy environments. Related Items.Quick Links Download this manual. SKF Belt Frequency. Table of Contents. Switch on and isolate any Do not leave the unit in belt drive system prior to Page 3: Table Of Contents Table of contents page 1.

Page 4: Device Description 1. The sensor uses an infrared beam to detect the vibration of a belt strand and sends a signal to the meter. The sensor includes an LED that produces an orange light beam to help aim the invisible infrared ray. Comparing this input to Page 5: Quick Start 2. Read belt frequency Hz 2. Press to switch meter on 4. Tap or pluck belt 1. Plug in sensor 3. Aim sensor at belt, gap 5 to 25 mm Page 6: Functions 3. If the meter is on and sits idle for more than 3 minutes, it automatically switches off to preserve battery life.

It provides both visual and audible communication with the operator. Each signal or combination of signals has a meaning. While all these signals are discussed in other sections of this manual, a compilation of all the available signals will be presented here.

Page 8: Optical Sensor 3. A narrow angle orange LED generated beam is provided to guide the aiming of the sensor. Page 9: Battery Condition 3. A low battery condition is signalled both visually and audibly. The display window will flash an array of zeros, starting with four and progressing to only one. Page Charging Batteries Damage to the optical sensor could result. A convenient 3,5 mm, positive center charging socket is located on the bottom end of the meter body adjacent to the sensor cable plug-in port.

Plug sensor head into meter body. This is a keyed plug. Line it up, do not use force! Load span and mass data or recall previously loaded data. SPAN To load span data simply hold down while using Aim sensor at centre of selected belt span. Tap or pluck the belt. The meter will beep once to indicate that a measurement was taken.

Page Operating Tips 5.Be the first to review this product. Allows for pPrecise alignment of belt driven machinery is essential to increase belt and pulley life and reduce vibration as well as energy costs.

The TKBA 40 belt alignment tool offers an easy and accurate method to adjust the machinery so that the grooves of the Vbelt pulleys are accurately aligned. Description The TKBA 40 consists of one laser unit and one receiver unit, which attach magnetically to the grooves of each pulley.

The laser unit emits a laser line which is projected onto a threedimensional target area on the opposite receiver unit. Depending on the laser pattern projected on the receiver unitthe user can determine the type of misalignment and how to correct it.

skf belt tension meter

Belt alignment is easily performed by adjusting the moveable machine s until the laser line coincides with the reference lines on the receiver unit.

For chain sprockets and timing and ribbed belts alignment, the side adapter TMEB A2 is available as an accessory. HD Electric. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Change Settings. Find Out More. Sensors detect the position and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assistive torque via the motor, which connects to either the steering gear or steering column.

This allows varying amounts of assistance to be applied depending on driving conditions. Accessories are driven by a poly V-belt or Serpentine belt, the tension of which is precisely adjusted to the required loads using a mechanical or hydraulic tensioning system. Guide pullies are used to create the required wrap angle around the front-end accessories. Poly V-belts are designed to perform at high loads transmitting the engine torque — up to Nm is not unusual in modern cars, without slip from the crankshaft to all its accessories.

The mass production of belt driven EPAS units has only been possible by the ability to set the belt tension accurately.

Due to packaging constraints the belt is very short with belt spans less than mm. Early attempts at setting belt tension by either the use of load cells or torque measurement proved to be unsuccessful which has led to some of the world's leading EPAS manufacturers to come to CLAVIS for belt tension measurement equipment. EPAS belts provide a unique technical challenge. This frequency is directly related to the tension in the belt. As the tension in the belt is increased the frequency of vibration also increases.

The belt is forced into vibration by gently tapping or plucking it.

skf belt tension meter

The vibration is usually not visible and also inaudible. The relationship between the measured frequency and the tension of the belt should be determined from a calibration test on the belt span. The relationship between belt tension T and frequency of vibration f may be calculated from knowing the mass per unit length of the belt mand the belt span lusing the expression.

The gauge unit contains the optical sensor which recovers the belt vibration signal and the hammer assembly which forces the belt into vibration.

Browning Tensioning V Belt Drives

The gauge contains a solenoid activated hammer which is used to vibrate the belt. An infra red optical sensor is employed to convert the belt vibration into an electrical signal which is processed by the control cabinet. The gauge unit is connected to the control cabinet via a 2m cable. A PC may be connected to the control cabinet to initiate measurements and record the subsequent belt vibration frequency. The resulting belt frequency is shown on a LED display. This may be particularly useful when first setting up the system.

The tension of the drive belt is determined by tapping the belt with an electro-mechanical hammer and monitoring the subsequent vibration using an infra-red optical sensor and associated electronics. The hammer is pushed against the belt by a small solenoid within the gauge sensor head which is excited by a 10 ms 48V pulse generated within the control cabinet under microprocessor control.

The gauge sensor head contains a photo diode and a LED which are used to monitor the belt vibration. The light is reflected by the belt and detected by the photo diode.Trummeter for measuring belt tension and for control the strand force of V-belts, tooth belts, power belts or similar.

The optimal life time of a belt is depending on the correct belt tension. Specifications subject to change without notice! Belt Masses. To measure the belt mass precisely, we recommend that you weigh the drive belt and then recalculate this weight based on a belt length of 1 meter.

The table above contains comparison values for some belts. Operation The belt tension can be measured only when the drive is stationary. Preferably, the belt tension should always be measured at the center of the longer belt strand between the two drive pulleys. The distance to the belt can be 3 — 20 mm.

Depending upon ambient light and surface of belt, the measurement can occur from a distance of max. Measurement: The belt is tapped in order to make it natural oscillating.

This static natural frequency is then measured by the probe with the aid of pulsed light. Care must be taken to ensure the light is sufficiently reflected by the belt. A reflective tape must be fixed if necessary.

Belt Tension Calculator

General information: To measure the belt mass precisely, we recommend that you weigh the drive belt and then recalculate this weight based on a belt of 1 meter. The strand force is calculated using the formula:. In most cases, measurement deviations are due to the mechanical tolerances of the drive systems. Newton- or poundforce-calculations have a square factor higher error result!

Set point: The set point for belt tension is specified as natural frequency in Hz or as strand force in N. It is depending to the characteristics of the drive. Alternative the set point can be calculated with the formula:. Delivery Includes. Instruction Manual. By means of the keyboard all other settings are made. Measuring range max. The measured value is shown as frequency in Hz or strand force in N.

Non-contact measuring occurs by infrared light Share.What makes a V-belt pulley stand out from other types of pulleys, such as a round belt or flat pulley, are the V-shaped grooves of the pulley; these grooves guide the belt and allow it to gain traction. The number one cause of a power transmission belt failure is improper tensioning.

In order to ensure a long and efficient belt operation, you must properly learn how to tension a V-belt regularly. If they are too loose, there is slippage, rapid belt or sheave wear and, ultimately, loss of both energy and productivity. Conversely, if there is too much tension, the excess strain on the belts, bearings and shafts causes premature wear of these components.

skf belt tension meter

However, there is still a wide range of tension between these two extremes in which a drive will operate sufficiently. The primary goal of learning how to tension a V-belt is to find this happy tension medium.

Important Note: Never apply belt dressing, as this will damage the belt and cause early failure. Always keep the drive free of foreign material which might cause slippage or damage to the belt and sheave surfaces. Pristine accuracy will best help you achieve belt longevity, ultimately saving you money.

A Belt Tension Meter is a hand-held device that has two elements: an optical sensor and a meter.

skf belt tension meter

It is designed to detect the vibration of a belt using an infrared invisible beam and a light that allows you to aim it. When it comes to getting the most life out of your belts and maximizing the operational efficiency of your businesswe do not recommend that anyone rely on anything less than the precision tensioning tools mentioned above in methods 2 and 3.

The IRPG team at IBT Industrial Solutions fabricates and services conveyor belts every day—offering both heavyweight and lightweight options—for all types of industries. We have the inventory and expertise to service all your belting and hose needs. For those of you who need our support, but have restrictions regarding allowing specialists on-site, please connect with us using our new mobile application, Uptime.

Find A Location. Figure 1. V-Belt Frequency Meter. ContiTech offers a high-quality tension testing tool. It is capable of both measuring all belt styles, from all manufacturers, with vibration frequencies between 10Hz and Hz.The new Universal Belt Tension Meter SM5 is designed to measure the static tension of all belts timing belts, flat belts, V-belts in all belt materials, regardless of the tension member material.

The SM5 is more accurate and easier to use than force deflection or elongation method. The peripheral force force transmitted through the belt must be known to determine a recommended pre-tension. These recommendations are general and offered as a starting point. Adjustments may be necessary as determined by system performance.

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Correct pre-tension enhances the operation of any belt drive by: Increasing service life Improving reliability Minimizing bearing load Advancing positioning accuracy Reducing noise level The peripheral force force transmitted through the belt must be known to determine a recommended pre-tension.

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