Sunpower 400 watt solar panel

Sunpower 400 watt solar panel

Photography by Paul Sakuma Photography. SunPower has launched its Next Generation Technology home solar panel called A-Series, delivering and watts of power.

In Europe and Australia, homeowners can also now order a watt solar panel from SunPower called Maxeon 3. Each is the first home solar panel to deliver more than watts in its region and is designed to deliver 60 percent more energy in the same amount of roof space over the first 25 years compared to conventional solar. Our growing panel portfolio is delivering unprecedented value across global markets that goes unmatched by any other residential solar technology currently available.

This breakthrough Next Generation Technology required new materials, tools and processes, and resulted in a 65 percent larger cell than previous generations that absorbs more sunlight and ultimately offers more savings to homeowners. The Maxeon solar cells are built on a solid copper foundation for high reliability and performance, and SunPower says these panels are virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that typically cause conventional panels to break down.

The Residential Rooftop Report for the first quarter of is now available for download. Just fill out the form below to access your free report. What are the frame dimensions? With a larger cell it seems like they would need a larger module. Heat Up Your Sales in Tags: SunPower. Share this post Tweet. One Comment Patrick says: March 5, at am. Featured Pier analysis vs. All Rights Reserved. Designed by mg.SunPower makes some of the most popular solar panels for sale in the U.

Want to get SunPower solar panels for sale near you? Homeowners across the country receive SunPower offers from solar installers in their area on a daily basis on the EnergySage Solar Marketplacea solar shopping and quote comparison platform. The total cost of your SunPower installation will depend on the system size you need, as well as the specifics of your home and any local incentives.

The table below uses EnergySage average prices for SunPower to give you a sense of installed costs. Note: these prices have already accounted for the 30 percent federal tax credit for solar. There are three primary reasons for this:. E-Series panels are highly efficient with efficiency ratings from These panels are primarily designed for large-scale commercial use. However, as with all other SunPower panels, they come with a strong product warranty.

There is no single solar panel on the market that works for everyone. Comparing multiple offers from installers in your area can help you zero in on the right option for you. You can register on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace to easily find quotes from local installers at no cost to you, including companies that exclusively offer SunPower solar panels. Your email address will not be published. Find out what solar costs in your area in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

See solar prices from qualified, local companies. Enter your zip code to find out what solar panels cost from installers near you. Share via. Copy Link. Powered by Social Snap.

Copy link. Copy Copied.Most solar panels installed on homes or businesses today are between to watts per panel, and solar panels above and below that range are also available. In order to determine if W solar panels are right for you, it is important to understand what the options are and how much energy W panels produce. Not many companies manufacture truly W solar panels. Below is a list of solar panels that produce close to W of power, each listed with their efficiency and the company that makes them.

A single W solar panel is rated to produce watts of power, but the actual power output you see from your panels depends on many factors, including geographic location, shading, and the tilt of your panels. The table below compares different sized solar panel systems by the number of W solar panels needed for each system size.

In some cases, the number of W panels is rounded to the nearest panel. Using five W solar panels will produce roughly 3, kilowatts hours kWh of electricity, which is significantly below how much electricity a standard single-family household uses. Installing 15 panels for a roughly 6 kW system will produce enough electricity to significantly offset or eliminate your electric bill with solar.

How much space will a solar energy system using W panels take on your roof or property? The table below demonstrates estimates for solar energy systems using only W solar panels.

sunpower 400 watt solar panel

For the purpose of calculating estimated space needed, we assumed that W solar panels are, on average, Solar panels close to W are relatively efficient with the space they use when compared to lower wattage panels, and a standard roof of a single-family home will likely have enough space for the number of panels needed to significantly offset electricity costs.

While they may be more expensive per panel than lower wattage options, W panels make up for the price premium in the space they save on your roof and the lower number of panels you will need to purchase to cover your electricity needs. If you have preferences when it comes to solar equipment, you can simply note them in your account so installers can quote accordingly. Naurally anyone could understand why PVT units are a better option for thermal and electricity generation, more or less solar Micro CHP that can be adopted for air conditioning or solar chillers, dish and machine washing rather than centralised solar concentration plants unless these can be scaled down using evacuated tubed scale constructions for more efficient concentration.

These are all areas for exploration especially in areas of temperate climates.

sunpower 400 watt solar panel

Solar is a investment after all, something to keep for years if not decades to come. At this rate, within years w panels will be the standard. We will see if the US will lag behind such revolution, as it has most of the decade due to Big Power lobbying against solar panels made overseas or we will see if the US becomes a leader, as China has.

Am looking for a watts solar panel,i need to know the rest of the kit that i need to buy eg inventer,battery etc. Your response will be greatly appreciated.Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage.

So your SunPower panels - and savings - continue to deliver. Year, after year, after year. As the most efficient solar panel in the industry for more than 10 years 1 Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of May, When this method was applied to eight years of energy performance data from SunPower solar systems operating at various locations worldwide, it proved that SunPower panels degrade at a median rate of 0.

Maxeon panels are also backed by our industry-leading warranty. Conventional Panels. All SunPower panels are backed by our Complete Confidence panel warranty, with industry-leading year coverage 1 For panels installed by SunPower or SunPower authorized installers. Repair, replacement or reimbursement will be at SunPower's sole discretion.

Our absolute confidence in the integrity of SunPower technology - backed by extensive third party testing and field data from more than 30 million SunPower panels - means you get the best warranty available and complete peace of mind. Maxeon cells use back-contact conductivity, eliminating unsightly metal gridlines, and enabling them to absorb more sunlight. Metal adds massive strength to each cell, helping it resist corrosion from the elements, while making the entire panel more durable.

Expanding and contracting from daily temperature swings are no problem with our built-in strain relief and thick, triple-redundant connectors. Maxeon solar panels deliver more bill savings by generating the most solar power and long-term solar energy in a given amount of roof space. Maxeon panels lead the solar industry in panel efficiency.

That means they generate more power in the same space than all other panels on the market. You would need 20 or more Conventional Panels to surpass the power generated by just 15 SunPower Maxeon panels in the same space.

Over time, the Maxeon advantage grows, because Maxeon panels also have the lowest degradation rate in the solar industry. While most Conventional Panels tend to degrade around 0.

SunPower 400W SPR-MAX3-400 Mono Solar Panel

Jordan, D. Maxeon also delivers greater peace of mind. Not only is this warranty stronger, but unlike most conventional warranties, it is based on actual field testing data. For example, the Maxeon power warranty promises no more than a 0. This is backed by a study of more than MW across actual global sites using a methodology developed in collaboration with NREL.

We also know from actual field data that only 0. Lastly, we build Maxeon panels with our customers in mind, which means higher sustainability standards and more elegant design aesthetics than Conventional Panels. SunPower has pioneered sustainability efforts in solar manufacturing, with our Maxeon panels leading the way. The back-contact cell design of Maxeon panels also delivers an uncluttered and elegant design aesthetic — and our panels are available in black and white backsheets.

This has made Maxeon the panel of choice for architects and designers. The Maxeon cell is fundamentally different design from any other cell on the market, starting with a solid copper foundation that is unique in the solar industry. In contrast, what appears to be metal on the front and back of a Conventional Cell is actually conductive paste made of tiny bits of silver and aluminum baked onto the silicon wafer.

In fact, the process of making those cells is very similar to screen-printing a design on a tee-shirt: you create a template, wipe the paint across the template and then remove the template to leave the paint where you want it on the tee-shirt, and then bake the tee-shirt to cure the paint onto the fabric. A similar screen-printing process is used to apply the thin lines of metal paste on the front, and the full-coverage metal paste on the back, to create a Conventional Solar Cell.

Unlike the strength of the solid copper foundation of the SunPower cell, the metal paste of the Conventional Cell offers almost no strength to the thin silicon wafer. This fundamental design difference creates the weakness you can find through basic laboratory testing. SunPower whitepaper.In an industry first, SunPower has released its A-Serieswhich will take residential solar energy production from w to a record-breaking w, making it the most powerful solar panels in Australia.

Taking efficiency and energy output to new heights, this latest generation of SunPower PV modules are a strong addition to the existing SunPower range and herald the start of a bright new era in solar energy production for Australian households. SunPower products are also incredibly durable, and virtually free from the corrosion and cracking that can destroy conventional solar panels. As a SunPower premium partnerNatural Solar is delighted to welcome this product into its range and will provide more information around availability as it is received.

Optional What stage of your solar journey are you at? All rights reserved. I Website by Aaron Knight. Search for:. More Back. New solar panel has come out from SunPower. Jumps from to w!

sunpower 400 watt solar panel

Get an instant sonnenFlat quote sent straight to your inbox in 60 seconds! Please select - We install Australia-wide! I would like a Solar Battery with solar panels I would like to add a Solar Battery to my current solar system I would like a Solar Battery ready solar system. Please select - How did you hear about us?SunPower launches today in the United States a new line of solar modules for the residential market. In Europe and Australia, the company has also released W panels known as Maxeon 3.

Our growing panel portfolio is delivering unprecedented value across global markets that goes unmatched by any other residential solar technology currently available. The Maxeon cells provide SunPower panels with improved resistance to corrosion and cracking.

Credit: Paul Sakuma Photography. All SunPower panels are backed by its year combined power and product warranty. Larger maybe, but you all seem to forget that word and real meaning of the word… efficiency! For one thing, I have yet to find a dealer contacted nation wide. None of them have w x-series.

What are the top SunPower solar panels for sale in 2018?

For second point, The one that did wanted a panel plus shipping. Im told by other dealer that this is bullocks because sunpower will not sell panels unless the dealer gets to install. Now having said this I would strongly discourage others from buying from SunPower. This practice that you are forced to buy install with panels is bad for the consumer. Customers dont have to wait for lawsuit — just vote with your feet.

There are other manufacturers that are so close to this W, that its going to be better to go with them. I have been asking them for panel pricing for years now. How do they even make money if nobody can buy them, or even determine cost? I do not have time for games and nonexistent nonsense.

Being mysterious and inaccessible is not cool, it is frustrating af. You are not the revolution. You are not available. I hate your brand. You are useless. But you are not trying to install your panels in more places. You are trying to be exclusive.

Which is gross morally, and must be bad for your business if it exists at all. Your degradation rate is actually the worst in the industry because this invisible and inaccessible pricing is demeaning, degrading, and disrespectful to all the nerds that spend their free time trying to make the world a better place and fall into the trap of your marketing wasteland.

I deserve W panels for my home grow anyway. I was wondering how much do these Watt modules cost? I was thinking about investing in one where could you recommend me to get started? That will answer the questions, that would be really really great and also maybe throw availability. I just completed an install with the new A series w modules. Amazing product! They are an AC module66 cell format.

Just slightly larger in height to the standard 60 cell format. Approx inches taller. IF so, these panels will be about 3 inches wider and actually around 1 inch shorter than the typical W panels out today, much like the LG W series panels. The old Schott solar PV panels that were in the W to watt range were right at 4 foot wide by 8 foot long.And more power means more savings.

What should I know Before Going Solar?

And more reliability means more savings. In fact, SunPower predicts its Maxeon panels will have a useful life of more than 40 years. And more durability means more savings. SunPower Corporation, incorporated on May 25,is an American global energy company. The Company delivers complete solar solutions to residential, commercial, and power plant customers.

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sunpower 400 watt solar panel

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